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4 Things To Remember If You Want To Go Platinum Blonde

4 Things To Remember If You Want To Go Platinum Blonde

Recently, I did something that I had always dreamed of doing, but never really had the courage to do - bleach my hair platinum. I had often wondered what it would be like to have  almost Khaleesi-like blonde hair. Well, my curiosity got the best of me, I took the leap to transform my hair SHADES lighter.

For this drastic makeover, I knew that no one could do it better than Jamielynn De Leon, owner of Rogue House Salon in the East Village for my transformation. I can't rave enough about Rogue House. All of their stylists are super talented and beyond friendly. Most importantly, they won't rest until you get the results you are looking for. Many stylists would've told me that it would be impossible to get my dark Asian roots to a platinum blonde in one session, but Jamielynn didn't give up!

As I sat and watched my hair color be stripped away, I learned four very valuable lessons...

1. Patience is the ultimate virtue.

In total, my hair transformation took seven hours total! My hair had to be lightened 3 times and then color corrected to make sure my roots matched my pre-existing bleached hair. At first, Jamielynn and I thought it would only take about four hours total. Boy, were we wrong! After my first lightening process, it became clear that this was going to be an all-day process. My advice, if you want those white-blonde, Khaleesi locks, you should block out an entire day for the salon. It's better to sacrifice a few extra hours and leave with the color you want.

2. It's probably going to hurt. A lot.

I'm no rookie when it comes to hair dying. I've been coloring my hair since I was in high school. However, no amount of previous colorings could have prepared me for the pain I felt when the chemicals reached my scalp. It was slow burning feeling that started very small at first, then quickly grew to a level that I couldn't handle. Jamielynn and I had to do a total of three lightening processes because we kept rinsing it off from the pain. 

You're probably wondering why the process would be so painful. However, keep in mind that my natural hair color is Asian black, so it took a lot of strong chemicals to lift all of that color out of my hair and bring it to a beautiful platinum blonde.

3. You must talk to your stylist.

I cannot say this enough, you must absolutely communicate with your colorist when you're going platinum. Some people make the mistake of keeping silent during hair appointments, or worse, they expect their stylists to be psychic and know everything that they are feeling. WRONG. Stylists only know what you tell them. So, if I didn't tell Jamielynn that my scalp was burning from the lightening chemicals, she probably would've though everything was A-OK, when in fact, I was ready to shave my head from the pain. Communication is key, right down to the temperature that they're washing your hair with. 

4. Maintenance is everything.

Just because you walk out the salon with your Marilyn Monroe platinum locks does NOT mean that the hard part is over. Maintenance for platinum blonde hair is almost as hard as the process it took to get them. First of all, you're going to need to invest in the right shampoo. I use Fonolo No Yellow Shampoo, which is a purple shampoo that tones hair as it washes. It's perfect because it keeps my locks from switching to that bleach blonde lock that I DO NOT want.

The second thing I needed to invest in was a good treatment conditioner. Once you go platinum blonde, you're going to need to deep condition your hair at least three times a day to keep it from drying out. I use Aveda's Damage Remedy Restructuring Conditioner and leave it on for at least five minutes so it can work its magic.


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