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5 Hidden Gems In Central Park

5 Hidden Gems In Central Park

Central Park is iconic, we know that. It is the site of some of the most memorable movie and TV scenes in history. However, with over 800 acres to roam around, there’s a lot of things that go unnoticed in this urban park. Keep reading to discover five totally amazing and underrated gems hiding right in the middle of Manhattan.

Location: Mid-Park at 79th Street
Let your imagination run wild at this whimsical German style medieval castle. The castle is a folly, meaning it’s not an actual palace with rooms. However, it does provide some of the best hilltop views of the park, particularly atop its tower!

PHOTO VIA:  @nycgo .

PHOTO VIA: @nycgo.

Location: 67th Street & Central Park West
Though is can run you a pretty high bill, a splurge at Tavern on the Green is definitely worth it every now and then. Whether you’re craving a fresh seafood tower or giant steak, this fine dining restaurant boasts not just delicious food, but amazing outdoor views of Central Park. It’s especially wonderful in the spring and summer, when outdoor seats are open.

PHOTO VIA:  @laurieespino .

PHOTO VIA: @laurieespino.

Location: Approximately between 104th and 106th Streets west of Fifth Avenue
In the Upper East side lies a 6-acre garden paradise. Seriously, this outdoor paradise is like a real-life version of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s novel.

PHOTO VIA:  @westsiderag .

PHOTO VIA: @westsiderag.

Location: 79th St Transverse
You don’t need to be a raving fan of Romeo and Juliet or Macbeth to appreciate this gem. Created in 1913, the Shakespeare Garden is a 4-acre landscape dedicated to the namesake poet. It features flowers and plants mentioned in Shakespeare’s poems and plays and is designed to resemble the Bard’s native English countryside.

PHOTO VIA:  @lola_p_adventures .

PHOTO VIA: @lola_p_adventures.

Location: Mid-Park just north of 102nd Street
If you’re a nature love - and don’t mind a little trek uptown - then The Loch is calling your name! Designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, the stream is dammed in several places to create three magnificent cascades, some of the greatest features of engineering and art.

PHOTO VIA:  @xena.raw .

PHOTO VIA: @xena.raw.

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